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Top 10 Best Dating Apps To find love

Whether you want to find your only true love or if you are more interested in casual dating, there are many dating apps for you.

Almost anything is possible on a smartphone or tablet these days, and that includes finding love! Where once we could not have imagined finding a new love interest using an app, nowadays it's a common place, and many of us use dating apps in our quest for romance.

Of course, while some may eventually be looking for marriage, not everyone is ready for a serious relationship, and dating apps are always a great option for those who simply want a pleasurable treat.

There is a lot of Dating Apps on the Google Play Store, so if you have an Android smartphone or tablet, this is the place to go! While many of them work the same way, others offer a bit of a bounce, and we worked on several of them (strictly professional of course!) In order to find the best available.

If you are ready to join the dating scene, you can find your ideal partner by consulting these best free dating apps on Android. All are free to download and use, although some offer additional features through the use of in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Top 10 Dating Apps

1. Tinder

We could not produce a list of the best dating apps for free without including the infamous Tinder app, which claims to have made more than 20 billion matches so far. If you want to meet new people, this is the place to come, although it's worth saying that many of the games made here are of a more casual variety. Tinder is known for its sweeping feature to the right if you like what you see, or you can go sweeping left. If the person you loved loves you mutually, bingo, it's time to chat with your partner and maybe decide if you want to meet in person. It's a falsely simple process, and that's what makes it a great app, and it also has a clean, friendly interface.

The application is free to download and use, but there are more options available for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold ( upgrades through in-app purchases. For example, Tinder Plus offers unlimited Swipe Right features and features such as Passport or Rewind, while Tinder Gold offers additional profile controls, the ability to see who loves you without having to like them first, and much more .

2. TryDate - Free Online Dating App, Chat Meet Adults

TryDate ( is among the best Dating Apps, rated 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store and offers something a little different from other dating apps. You can view profile pictures in your location or maybe somewhere you plan to visit, and like Tinder, if you like someone based on their personality and they like you, it could be a match.

The unique point here is that you will not see their profile picture or know who they are at the beginning, and as you discuss and interact, a pixelated image is gradually revealed. At this point you will see their full profile and more. Unusually for Dating Apps, this one is completely free, and there are no in-app purchases. Other features include hub promotions, the ability to direct others' messages without having to wait for a match, the ability to review chat messages and more.

3. OkCupid Dating

You may have heard of OkCupid ( because it is an extremely popular dating app. It works in a more traditional way, with answers to questions and algorithms creating developed profiles, and thus eliminates the real breakers to save you time and facilitate the search for the correspondences that suit you. One of the best points of the application was its unique messaging system, which is currently being updated, and although we thought some blame for the effectiveness of existing users, it seems worth it to stick to that. developed.

The application is free to download and use, but if you want more, you can opt for a premium subscription. By doing this, you can get rid of advertisements, see who loves you without needing to love them first, use advanced filters and more.

4. CMB Free Dating App

While dating applications using the scanning method have been very popular, it offers a different approach and avoids having to do all the metaphorical work. Instead, if you are a guy, at noon every day, you will receive a Bagel (or potential match) that has been specially shortlisted for you based on your information about yourself, your interests, and your social network ( you will need to authenticate via Facebook). If you are a girl, you will receive a bagel from those who have expressed an interest in you.

The app is also compatible with LGBTQ, in which case men and women can receive pre-selected matches at noon each day. After that, you can chat in a private room, and if you are someone who hangs by thinking about the issues the app even offers you some icebreakers to talk about. Users can also earn "beans" for additional features and functionality. This can be done by recommending the app to friends or for consistent use of the app, or you can buy beans with in-app purchases.

5. Happn - Local dating app

Offering a unique way of connecting, the app is definitely worth a visit. We all had experiences with someone we would like to meet but we do not think we can approach. For example, how about that cute guy in front of you in the superxafs line, or how about that kooky girl sitting in front of the movies. If you use the Happn app and meet someone else who has also downloaded the app, you will receive their profile on your timeline.

You can see how often you met them, where and when it happened, and if you choose, you can send a secret to that person or use a credit to send a "Hi". If they like you too, it's love at first sight, and you can take things from there. You will receive a number of "Hi" when you start using the app and will be able to buy more with in-app purchases. The main disadvantage of Happen is that the app must be popular enough for you to make connections with those in your area, but it's quite interesting to give it a whirlwind.

6. Badoo - Free Chat & Dating App

The makers of this app claim that it is the largest dating network in the world and the best choice when it comes to Dating apps, with more than 400,000 beginners joining each day. It is certainly expansive as it covers 197 countries and 47 languages, and it aims to offer a safer method than other dating apps as all profiles and photos are verified. The idea behind Badoo is to connect people with other users nearby, avoiding the need for a special meeting at another time. Meeting in this way means a more relaxed approach rather than having to gather your nerves, as you are already outside, so that takes the pressure off. You can also be with friends, like the person you meet, so it's much more informal.

7. 3nder Dating App

3nder is one of the most recent dating apps on the scene and is slowly building a good reputation. While it's a dating apps, it's also popular with those just looking for new friends, or those wanting to know more about local parties and events. offers a quick way to set dates with the on-demand dating feature and has powerful search filters. You can chat for free with correspondences or join a chat room to chat with other people with similar interests.

8. DoubleList Flirt Chat & Dating

We particularly love because of its easy registration, filtering system and attractive interface that makes it easy to see who has looked at your profile and loved you. Instead of being bombarded (thankfully!) From messages, the filtering system makes it easier to restrict messages to those you are most likely to want to hear.

The search results may be limited to those who are currently online, those who provide a profile picture or those who are in your location, and the app has a good sense of community about it. There are many things here totally free, but if you want more, you can try a premium version for seven days before choosing to update your purchases through the app.

9. Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles

The first thing to say about this app is that, although it's free to download, you will need to buy parts if you want to make your profile more visible and there is also a subscription model (more about it later). Nevertheless, it's still one of the best free dating apps, and it's great to browse through singles and find those to meet and chat with. Features include Zoosk's Behavioral Matchmaking technology, personalized SmartPick, which, as its name suggests, according to your preferences, and Zoosk Photo Verification, a neat touch that you can submit a video selfie that will show you exactly as the pictures you submitted!

The app also offers a subscription service (1 month $ 29.99, 12 months $ 99.99), and if you choose this, you can see the profiles of those who have seen you, chat with other subscribers and more.

10. Bazoocam - Free Online Dating & Singles Chat Rooms

Are you looking for your one and only, looking for someone to come out by chance, or just want to go out with a new friend? If so, might be the app for you because there is no limit on the number of interactions you have on the app. As a result, you have the ability to send and receive unlimited messages, unlimited nudges, winks and hugs, and add an unlimited number of new friends. You can also find people nearby, chat online, receive recommended matches and play Mutual Match, all for free.

Those who use the app are strictly monitored, and it's easy to block someone with one click, so you feel safe in the Mingle environment. Hope this will not be necessary because we have found a lot of nice people using Bazoocam.


After intensive use of Dating Apps above, we can say hand in hand that it has never been easier to find someone to match and date. Everyone is looking for someone with the different qualities they want, and the number of people using these dating apps means it's much easier than ever to find someone special. If you download one of these best dating apps for free on Android, we'd love to hear from you, so why not send us a comment and tell us if your love life has taken a turn for the better?
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